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these six-week classes will ignite your curiosity
and change the way you interact with the world!

the imaginaries toddler series classes are opportunities for parents and kiddos to learn and explore together

Fridays September 27th through November 1st

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The Imaginaries Costume Box Series is an opportunity to introduce your child to the magical world of make believe! Through dress-up and character development, guided games and age-appropriate activities, we will provide ample opportunities to build your child’s imaginative and empathetic muscles. This six-week course will ignite your creativity and expand the horizons of what is possible.

In this class your kiddos will learn:

  • The basic structure of a story

  • How to identify and express different emotions

  • The basic elements of performing and being a supportive audience

  • How to introduce themselves and have a conversation

  • Confidence, empathy and creative play

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The Imaginaries Tool Crib Series is an opportunity to introduce your child to some fundamental concepts about our physical world. Through playing with simple machines, and doing practical experiments, toddlers and parents alike will deepen their understanding of basic physics and the tools we use throughout our lives. 

In this class your kiddos will learn: 

  • How to interact with tools and equipment safely

  • What the basic simple machines are 

  • Practical applications of the simple machines

  • How to find the fun in experimenting and problem solving 

  • How mechanical advantage is working smart, not hard

Who: All littles ages 2-4 and their adults. 10 students MAX - reserve your spots today!

What: Weekly parent and child opportunities for engaging experimentation and self-expression!

Where: In the Community Room at The Kennedy School 
5736 NE 33rd Ave Portland Oregon

When: Fridays, September 27th-November 1st. The Costume Box is from 10:00-10:45 and The Tool Crib 11:00-11:45. Sign up for both and make a whole morning of it!

Cost: $188 when you sign up for both The Costume Box and The Tool Crib classes. $108 for each class.

Contact Email Caitlin Quinn for more information @ reframenw@gmail.com or call 253-686-8159


the imaginaries

Using Theatre to teach self-expression and collaboration

The Imaginaries is the umbrella organization that includes Caitlin's many theatrical ventures. From running summer drama camps to creating and producing original musicals, Caitlin loves introducing students to theatre and using drama to encourage collaboration, creativity, and self-expression. Theater presents young people with a chance to not only discover their individual gifts, but also to work as an ensemble, explore literature and history, and creatively imagine a brighter future. Drama students are challenged to take risks, use their imaginations, and empathize with the larger world as they devise new pieces of theater. 


Original Musicals

The Imaginaries original musicals are a joint effort between motivated drama students and professional artists. With the help of a composer and a script writer, students can bring their wildest dreams to life, envisioning colorful characters and contributing to lyrics, dialogue, and story lines. By combining meaningful narratives with catchy songs, these original musicals allow students to sing, dance, and act their hears out while delivering affirmational and empowering messages.


Once Upon a Town 

The children of the most beloved fairy tale characters band together to shake off their parents' legacies and expectations. Together they find their own individual identities and join forces to defeat evil. 

Hip hop health

In this high-energy musical, the audience is invited to join the protagonist on a journey to personal health as she spends the day watching TV and channel surfing her way to a thorough understanding of healthy living. 

Seven Generations

Inspired by the students' real life ancestors, Seven Generations helps performers and audience members connect with their forefathers and foremothers, consider their own legacies, and discover thoughtful and beneficial ways to provide for the generations to come.

We are all connected

When the local watering hole becomes contaminated, the nocturnal and diurnal forest animals must put aside their differences to address the disaster. Through trial and error, they learn that quick fixes don't work. Instead, they must collaborate to get to the root of the problem.

Remaking the world

Superheroes travel from far and wide to the International Superhero Convention, where they attend workshops and panel discussions, visit merchandise booths, and strengthen the bonds within their community. When disaster strikes, they must rise to occasion and use their super skills to remake the world.