The Reframe Collective is our family philosophy of reimagining, repurposing, and recreating our world.

It grew out of an innate desire to recreate the way we learn, teach, and interact with our community.

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Reframing, (or changing our perspective to see the positive side of things) has always been a part of our relationship as a way to help each other see the brighter side of a situation. When one of us would start feeling down about something, the other one would check in, asking “How can we reframe this?” 

Just that simple question would allow us to open up and see all of the possibilities and perspectives we hadn’t been able to see before. Reframing was the framework on which our family has been built. It has become an integral part of our relationship toolkit and ever since our son Raynor was born in May 2017, we officially became The Reframe Collective. 

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Caitlin Quinn

I am a rainbow Resourceress
and a wild Femifester.

I am an artist, a visionary, and a dreamer.
I am a Portland Public school teacher,
and a life-long learner.
I am a leader and a healer.
I am a Valkyrie warrior Goddess
with a college degree in costume design.

I am a priestess and a clown.
I am a child of the Earth and stars.

I am a HUGE Dork. With a capital D.
I am silly, and creative and my imagination is my strongest muscle. (so far...)

I am an optimist.
I believe that the best is yet to come.

I am a Mother.
I am soft and strong.
Fierce and fabulous.
I am powerful through my vulnerability.

I am ready for the revolution.

I am here to experience and to evolve.
I am here to feel.
To touch, taste, smell, see and do.
I am here to TRY.

I am here to build bridges and expand minds.
To find the treasures hidden in the darkest places.
I am here to make beautiful dresses out of the silver lining.

I am here to help others experience and express themselves authentically and completely.
(Empowering others is my superpower!)

I am here to REMEMBER
And to REMIND.

I am here to REFRAME!

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Blue O’Connor

I am a builder, a maker, and a creator of many things
I am mechanically curious, and thus a tinkerer
and a fixer.

I am a partner, collaborator,
co-conspirator, & co creator.

I am here to teach and to learn
To help pass down respect and reverence
(which doesn't seem to get much priority anymore)

I am here to help the next generation.
To help there be a next generation capable
of what this world will require of them.

I am here for the ups and downs of life.
To experience what this time around has to offer.

I am here to find those joys
that make it worth being here
And to make sure there are some joyous moments
for the next generation as well.

I can be occasionally stubborn, but not at all rigid.
I am pliable, like a tree.

I am a nature lover and a dust bucket.
I am happiest when I’m dirty and helping.

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